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What are the Friends of the Library?

FRIENDS OF THE AKRON LIBRARY is a non-profit organization that promotes better library service to the community by: (1) Raising funds to pay for items and programs that the library’s tax budget simply cannot afford; especially for the children’s summer reading program (2) Creating public support for an expanding library (3) Sponsoring programs designed to enhance the cultural life of the community (4) Providing volunteers to assist the library staff (5) Expanding community awareness of the available programs and resources of the library. Monies are raised for projects through membership dues, donations, bake sales, the annual 4th of July book sale, and funds from the United Way.

Last year the FRIENDS paid $1,271.20 for the children’s summer reading program by providing books, prizes, and paying for speakers and entertainment. Also the FRIENDS always pay $250.00 per year for the library license to show movies during story hour and during the summer reading program. We also paid $144.51 for items that the library needed but that were not within their budget.

This year, the FRIENDS will again sponsor the children’s summer reading program as well as a new adult summer reading program! These programs, along with other projects will need our support since they fall outside of the regular library’s budget expenses.

The FRIENDS thank you for your past contributions, and they hope for your continued support either by membership or donation for 2015. Please join us in our efforts. Mail your check (payable to Friends of the Akron Library) to the address below or leave it at the Akron Library.

Thank you for caring,
Friends of the Akron Library
Beverly Cowell, Pres.
Shirley Gray, Sec’y/Treas