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Library Rules of Conduct

The Akron Carnegie Public Library strives to provide, on equal terms, free library services to all patrons. The Library abides by the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights, which states, “A person’s right to use a library should not be denied or abridged because of origin, age, background or views.”

However to ensure the comfort and the protection of all library patrons and to prevent a few persons from making the use of the library inconvenient and disruptive to the majority of users, the library has adopted the following policy:

  • The Akron Public Library and its grounds are a smoke-free and drug-free environment.  Smoking is prohibited in the library and on its grounds, as is the use of all tobacco products, e-cigarettes, and alcoholic beverages.
  • Anyone who is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs/chemicals will not be allowed on library premises.
  • Eating or drinking beverages inside of the library is prohibited. Exceptions will be made for those using the basement facilities for a scheduled meeting or activity and for staff in designated areas.
  • Sleeping on library premises is prohibited.
  • Disruptive and/or disorderly conduct is prohibited. Disruptive conduct is any behavior that interferes with the normal functioning of the library. This may include, but is not limited to: loud talking or laughing, the use of cell phones or other electronic devices, fighting, throwing objects, boisterous behavior, skateboarding and scooters.
  • Mutilating, destroying, and/or defacing library materials, equipment, or property is forbidden and legal action may be taken if warranted.
  • Misuse of the restrooms, such as shaving, washing clothing or person, smoking, stealing paper, etc. is prohibited.
  • Harassment of other patrons or staff is forbidden.
  • Language, clothing, body odor, etc. that is offensive to other patrons or staff is prohibited, as is the use of obscene language, behavior or gestures. The definition of obscene is: offensive to modesty or decency; lewd; disgusting; filthy; and or repulsive. Obscene can be defined as language, behavior, dress, or gestures which convey a sexually explicit message or describe intimate bodily function in a coarse or crude manner. Any form of sexual misconduct, including exposure, offensive touching or sexual harassment of patrons or staff is strictly prohibited.
  • Solicitation of library patrons is prohibited unless authorized by the library in advance. This includes the selling of anything either for personal gain or for a charity. Begging, panhandling, or circulating petitions are also prohibited.
  • Loitering is prohibited. Loitering is defined as remaining or wandering in a public place without any discernible legitimate reason. A patron who wanders about and does not use library materials may be considered loitering.
  • Running and playing (with the exception of playing quietly with blocks and toys in the children’s area or participating in library-sponsored activities) is not allowed in the library. Parents or caregivers are expected to monitor and control the behavior of children in their care at all times.
  • Animals are not permitted in the library unless the animal is owned by the library and approved by the library board, or is being used as a part of a library-sponsored activity. Individuals with disabilities may use service animals and emotional support animals with proper ID certification.
  • Leaving young children unattended is not allowed unless they are taking part in a library activity and the person in charge has accepted responsibility for the children. If parents or caregivers cannot be located on library premises, Law Enforcement will be called. In the event of a second such incident, both Law Enforcement and Child Protective Services will be contacted.
  • Patrons must be clothed, including shirt and shoes, or they will be asked to leave.
  • The library reserves the right to inspect any parcels, book bags, bags, etc., that are carried into or from the library.
  • Any illegal behavior is prohibited. The staff is directed to call Law Enforcement to handle the situation.
  • Repeat offenders may experience lengthy banning from the premises. Returning without prior permission opens up offenders to prosecution for trespassing. Patrons banned may appeal to the Library Board in writing.


Violators of these rules will be advised of the rules and asked to correct their behavior. If the behavior cannot/will not be corrected, they will be asked to leave the Library for an amount of time to be determined by the person in charge. If the patron is under the age of 16, a parent will be informed in writing. Law Enforcement will be called if anyone refuses to leave the library when requested.

The library reserves the right to remove any person whose behavior is disruptive or inappropriate for a library environment, or who interferes with the use of the library by others.

The Akron Public Library parking lot is designated for patron use only during regular business hours and after hours if attending scheduled library events. No overnight parking is permitted without prior consent of the Library Board or the Director.  Signs are posted throughout the parking lot. Those individuals in violation will receive a written notice informing them of the violation.  The vehicle’s make/model and license plate number will be recorded and kept on file.  A second violation will warrant a more stern written warning and a third violation will result in the vehicle(s) in violation being towed. All information will be kept on file and will be made accessible, if necessary, to the local police department.

Reviewed/Approved by the Akron Carnegie Public Library Board of Trustees on 11/5/19, 12/7/21