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Library Access and Circulation Policy

Akron Carnegie Public Library

Evergreen Library Cards

The Akron Carnegie Public Library will issue free Evergreen Indiana Resident borrowers cards to library users who are residents of Henry Township in Fulton County. Free student cards are available to any student residing in the Tippecanoe Valley School District who is ineligible for a resident card. Some restrictions may apply. Cards will be updated every one to two years.

Library card applications are available at the library circulation desk. Children under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian with them to sign the application. Materials may be checked out the same day the card is issued.

Patrons are responsible for the care and return of all items checked out on their library card. Patrons are required to bring their own library card with them each time they wish to borrow materials or use the computers. If they do not have their own card they will not be allowed to borrow library materials or use computers. Patrons should notify the library if there is a change of name, address, or phone number. The library should be notified as soon as possible if the card is lost or stolen. The cost of a replacement card is $2.00.

Reciprocal, PLAC and Non-Resident Cards

Valid cards will be honored from all Evergreen Indiana Libraries, as well as the Bell Memorial Public Library through a reciprocal borrowing agreement. Other users must either purchase a PLAC card, the cost of which currently is $65.00, or a non-resident card if not a resident of a library district. The cost of an ACPL non-resident card is currently $84.00 per year or $21.00 quarterly.

Fines and Fees

The return of library materials is the responsibility of the borrower. Since the Akron Carnegie Public Library is a fine free library, late fees will not be assessed (with the exception of hotspots), however if the item becomes overdue for more than 28 days, it will be marked as lost.  Patrons will be charged for items that are lost or damaged. The library director or staff will determine the charge according to usage, age, and damage.

Book and Magazine Loan Periods

All books, with the exception of new books, are loaned out for a time period of three weeks. New books are due back in 14 days.  A maximum of 30 items (includes DVDs & Blu-Rays) may be checked out to patrons who are in good standing and who have an established borrowing record. New patrons (less than 6 months in our system) are limited to a maximum of no more than 10 items checked out on their account at any given time.  Items may be renewed if there are no existing holds on the items. All magazines can be loaned out for a time period of one week. Magazines can also be renewed for an additional week.

Interlibrary Loan

Titles not available in the Akron Public Library, the Evergreen Indiana System, or the SRCS (Statewide Remote Circulation Service), may be requested through Inter-Library Loan (ILL). We cannot accept requests for Interlibrary loans from reciprocal borrowers. (They must make their requests through their home library.)

  DVD & Blu-Ray Loan Policy

Movies may be borrowed from the Library if:

  1. The borrower is 13 years of age or older (Must be 18 or older for “R” rated movies.
  2. The borrower presents his/her own valid Evergreen Library Card (Resident, Non-Resident, PLAC, or Reciprocal).
  3. The borrower is in good standing with the library; and
  4. The borrower must use library movies in accordance with all applicable copyright laws.

Note: The maximum number for DVDs (including Blu-Ray) is 10 per household. Only 5 of those10 items can be labeled as “new” items.

New patrons (less than 6 months in our system) are limited to a maximum of no more than 5 Blu-Ray/Dvds, (maximum of 3 new) checked out on their account at any given time.

Movies may be borrowed for one week and may be renewed for one week if there are no existing holds on them.

Borrowers accept responsibility for any damage or loss of library movies while checked out on the borrower’s library card. Any fees for damages or replacement will be assessed and billed to the patron.

The Akron Public Library is not responsible for any damage caused to the borrower’s DVD, Blu-Ray players, or other devices, due to use of borrowed library items.

Hotspots Loan Policy

 Please refer to the Wi-Fi Hotspot Lending Policy for more information.

Approved by the Akron Public Library Board on September 4, 2012

Revised/Approved on 3/7/2017, 11/5/2019, 10/6/2020. 12/7/21, 6/6/23, 2/6/24